In the middle of history, in the middle of progress, in the middle of the fight, we learn how we must fight’ (Rosa Luxemburg)

…this blog starts in the middle—over time it will extend both backwards and forwards. My name is Simon Bradley, I work primarily with sound and oral history; walking plays a fundamental role in most of the things I do. In the past, my focus was mainly on music and writing and these dimensions are undoubtedly surfacing as the blog develops. Sounding, talking, writing and walking are enduring themes. This site represents an attempt to pull all my activities together, or at least make them accessible from a single place…

It starts with my most recent public performance work DisplacementActivities: The Traverse, and will extend backwards into my bewildering archives, and forwards into new collaborations. Most of the things I get involved in haven’t found an easy place on the web since many of them are either tantalisingly fleeting, or longterm durational pieces requiring direct personal engagement. Without actually being there, some of the most unbelievable situations and synchronicities simply remain unbelievable. Improvised performances are intimately bound up with the present the participants and the site to the point where documentary displacements usually fall so short as to become negations of the original experience. That said, it is important to have some kind of web presence. My preferred method for that will be short text-based articles, together with photo and audio archives where possible. Everything will be provisional, and I will often re-edit published articles.

I am always open to new suggestions and any other potential collaborations that are drawn to edges.

If you’d  like to keep informed about new posts and events, feel free to enter your email address on the sidebar subscriber thing on the blog section—and you won’t be spammed by any means.


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