What, two, three… sounds

My ongoing collaboration with glass sculptor Griet Beyaert, has emerged into a new phase as we launch ESS<=>GEE: here. We often use vestigial count-ins to set out on free improvisations involving our assembled instruments. The above title stems from one such count-in, either misheard or misspoken. What follows from the […]


The tinyREVOLUTION (tR) responds to crisis—personal, political, ecological. I, along with many others it would seem, was finding the whole polarising bun fight playing out on the media—social and otherwise—tiresome, counterproductive and ultimately highly destructive. I began to focus even harder on what was being overlooked. On Tuesday March 13th, […]

The Pocket Museum of Displacements

Pocket Museum performance in Montreal, 2016

Stonehenge? Just a load of old stones This performance project is centred on a portable museum/exhibition consisting of small fragments gathered in special circumstances and exhibited in other special circumstances. It could be seen as an exercise in micro-psychogeography. Asking how fine-grained can you get with these things? Usually psychogeography […]

On DisplacementActivities

The more commonly known psychological and animal behavioural aspects of ‘displacement activities’ (seemingly inappropriate forms of behaviour arising when two or more conflicting imperatives occur) are of interest, and necessarily implicated in DisplacementActivities methodology, but they impose no strict limitations on my research and practice. The original Freudian conception of Verschiebung […]