The tinyREVOLUTION (tR) responds to crisis—personal, political, ecological.

I, along with many others it would seem, was finding the whole polarising bun fight playing out on the media—social and otherwise—tiresome, counterproductive and ultimately highly destructive. I began to focus even harder on what was being overlooked.

On Tuesday March 13th, 2018, a series of encounters led to the first realisations of tR. After a lot of walking and several good one-to-one conversations—meetings of hearts and feet—I began to research and write up some of the key ideas around smaller kinds of revolution. Writing has its limitations in this area though—so I have decided to move the public aspect of tR along via a series of short movies using very simple techniques and equipment—A4 paper, clipboard, pens, audio recorder, mobile phone and tripod with clamp. Other things will doubtless encroach as the series develops, but here is the first one (best with headphones):

“Revolution through erasure, through polarity, division, the new, the total, the absolute, the holier-than-thou, divine right, intolerance, killing, oppression, bigotry and the ten thousand things of that kind, is UNDESIRABLE” From the first page of the tinyREVOLUTION notebook, written on Tuesday, 13th March, 2018.

This image was taken on the first day of the tinyREVOLUTION, 13th March 2017

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